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Tracer E-Collar Light (more info)
Tracer E-Collar Light (more info)
Product Features

  • Remotely operated by all of the G2 or G3 Transmitters in the Field and Pro Series products by pressing any stimulation button when the stim dial is set in the “A” position (or the beeper button on the Upland Special).
  • Can also be remotely operated by the Sport Upland Transmitter by pressing the beeper button or by G3 Sport Basic or Combo but only if they are within 1” of the Receiver.
  • Range of remote operation of the lights is ½ mile on Sport Series, 1 mile on Field and Pro Series and 2 miles on Trashbreaker.
  • Lights are available in red, white or blue and they can be switched from “off” to “on steady” to “on blinking”. The different light colors and modes allow you to differentiate between 6 dogs.
  • Lights are visible from approximately ½ mile away.
  • Weighs about an ounce and is ¼” thick.
  • 1-year comprehensive warranty.

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